welcome to emmy's house
hi, my name is emmy and this is my webpage! its still a major work in progress, but expect art, photography, writing, journaling, and maybe even perfume reviews eventually. thanks for stopping by! (that's not me. that's my cat. his name is mr. mister.)
1.10.24 - made an under construction placeholder page and finalized links. next step will be building up the art page i think.....daunting
1.9.24 - home page is nearly done and about page is finished!
1.7.24 - trying to overhaul this theme design. cant even think about contents yet...
lately i'm into...
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
listening: one-eyed bastard by green day
eating: avocado toast
drinking: instant espresso
doing: sitting in the living room instead of my bedroom :^)