emmy / she / jan 22 1997

aquarius sun...cancer moon...libra rising

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hey what's up man i own the place. im a 20-something with a graphic design degree who doesn't know what i wanna be when i grow up so for now i just wander from place to place and thing to thing.

i like drawing, photography (mostly film/instant), writing, and just making things in general, so i made a place to put it all.

in no particular order, i am inspired by pulp illustrations, trashy magazines, blood and guts, lesbian sex, the coen brothers/wes anderson/tarantino, campy action movies, abandoned buildings, the writing of cormac mccarthy, old out of focus and underexposed photographs, appalachian geography and culture, and my beautiful son who keeps me going (my fat worthless cat)

thank you for reading and i hope you take some time to look around.